What I'm Into 

I hold New York City sessions at several discreet, elaborate and conveniently located private play spaces and dungeons in Midtown Manhattan. I will select the appropriate venue for our session. 

I enjoy working with submissives, fetishists, masochists, novices and couples. I can also conduct sessions in Spanish. Continue reading to learn more about My favorite domains of play. 



In order to explore My sadism with as many willing victims as possible, I have developed an aptitude for facilitating pain processing with players of any experience level and across various realms of masochism (physical, emotional, situational).


I will move you away from familiarity and toward a state where you can more clearly see yourself, unburden yourself of your ego.

Rubber, Leather, etc.; Fetishes  

I am a seasoned fetishist and enjoy indulging Myself and watching others do the same.

My first fetish was latex. It was a forbidden material for Me because I thought I was allergic to it. I would flip through the Rubberiest supplement and other fetish magazines until one day I decided to try some on. It turned out I wasn't allergic after all! Once I geared up in My first catsuit I never looked back. 

Double Domme Sessions 

you can celebrate your appreciation for Female Supremacy by submitting to Me and one (or more!) of My gorgeous friends. I have especially good in-session chemistry with Mistress Trinity, Mistress Datura, and Mistress Adreena Angela


I love guiding couples in their exploration of BDSM and helping them to deepen their intimacy. I also enjoy mentoring couples in Female-led relationships. 

Fitness training


While it makes Me smile to see you on your knees, it gives Me a rarer form of delight when I command you to drop and give Me 50.

A sadistic smile spreads across My gorgeous face as I realize that you can’t do it. Not even for the ultimate motivational tease that you may be granted a taste of My delicious sweat upon completion of your final rep.


I run laps around you on the track, perfect blonde ponytail swishing by; I can outperform you at any task and I look amazing doing it. You grovel at My feet in a puddle of your own pathetic sweat. I always win this game and I love it.


You must first dominate yourself before dominating anyone else. I master my own body daily with my rigorous workout routine. This both qualifies Me to be Mistress of your fitness and provides endless inspiration. I love finding new and creative ways to torture My submissives.


Have you ever been made to squat onto a dildo? To do sit-ups when your ass and back have been whipped raw? To do leg lifts while I restrict your oxygen flow with My perfect ass? To lift weights when you’ve been weakened from heavy bondage?


No? You’re missing out on so much I almost feel bad for you.