Check what you think you know about sissyhood at the door along with your ill-fitting boy clothes.


My approach to gender exploration/transformation.


I have found that even temporarily being given permission to inhabit Femme space has life altering effects for many.


Makeup is sexy and horrifying. Lipgloss sticky and wet like your creamy pussy every time you’re in my presence, every time you even think of me.

Have you ever met the eyelash curler? I tie up even my most willing victims when it’s transformation time. Even though you and I both know you want and need it, you still may squirm as I poke and prod seemingly dangerously near your most sensitive bits (your eyeballs of course!) You will have absolutely no choice but to hold still as I expertly transform you into the pretty girl silly bitch bimbo slut we both know you are deep down. When I’m finished and allow you to look in the mirror, nothing will remain of your ego’s silly illusion of manhood to allow you to stray from the new and improved version of yourself I have molded you into.


As my photos illustrate, I am a woman of great style and taste and I expect nothing less of any sissy in my presence.  Your ugly boy clothes will be checked at the door, soon to be replaced by something more suitable.


Strange and unusual methods of medical transformations. Not for the faint of heart! For those who share my excitement at the eroticism of piercing the flesh and the chance of seeing the sticky red substance running beneath, I offer unusual methods of medical transformation play.